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2008 Approved Trakehner Stallions

A warm welcome to the five stallions approved by the American Trakehner Asoociation in 2008. They are as follows:

ATA Stallion TatendrangA’Osiris, owned by Raymond Bernier (Valley View Stable) of Milton, Vt.
Bond James Bond MB, owned by Elevages Mallet Barsalou of Quebec, Canada
Cardinali, owned by Jeanette Knight (Wolf Run Farm) of Buxton, Maine
Imminence, owned by Jean Brinkman (Valhalla Farm) of Wellborn, Fla.
Tatendrang, owned by Ann Cottongim (Emerald Acres) of Alford, Fla. (pictured above)

Trakehner stallions are not born approved; all stallions are presented for inspection and judged on athletic ability, conformation and attitude. Additionally, stallions must pass a rigorous performance test.

The inspection process is clearly defined on the ATA website, but basically it includes the following elements:
1.    Stand to be measured (height, girth, and cannon bone)
2.    Walk and trot on a hard surface (sometimes asphalt)
3.    Walk and trot on a triangle in an arena. (usually sand or other soft footing)
4.    Walk, trot, and canter at liberty in an arena.
5.    Stallions must also free jump three obstacles.
Walk for final evaluation before the results are announced

A number of inspections will be held in 2009. Check the ATA website for information on these sites. Additional information on inspections can be found on the ATA website at www.americantrakehner.com.  

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  • 1. Moonbeam  |  January 7th, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    That’s a beautiful horse. He’s gorgeous.

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