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I Met a Horse Whisperer

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle?  I had the opportunity to meet the horse whisperer Bill Northern last night and it was quite fascinating. He specializes in race horses and spends time helping to solve both their mental and physical problems. For those who have pets and are in tune with them, it is fairly easy to hear what they are saying, but Bill Northern can dig a little deeper through his dowsing techniques. Check out his web site for more specifics on what he does, I’m more interested in sharing some of the highlights from his stories.

A colorful story teller who often had tears in his eyes while telling his tales, you can tell Bill Northern loves what he does. When he isn’t working in Kentucky, he can often be found jetting around the globe to California or New Zealand. In fact, I believe he left for New Zealand today – he finds it a bit more comfortable in the winter (mostly because it is summer there). In addition to treating horses, he has treated almost any other kind of animal that you can imagine.

The story highlights:

  • Cats Lie – most animals will tell him the truth about their behavioral issues, but cats want to bargain and will often lie. He says that they will tell the truth if they are in physical pain. Take the cat he consulted about its nasty habit of scratching on and tearing up its owners furniture. Bill worked a compromise where the owners would feed the cat that pink fish (salmon) everyday and the cat would no longer tear up the couch. . . Well you can guess what happened the one day they ran out of salmon!
  • Maybe horses do see color? I’ve often heard that they see in black and white, but perhaps not so! One race horse Bill treated because it was finishing dead last. The horse had recently changed stables and it told him that it didn’t like the sissy colors that it was racing under. They were able to get permission to race the horse under red again instead of in the pale blue that it did not like and she came in second place.
  • Elephants have opinions! When Bill visited the Phoenix zoo he went to see the elephants. One of them had been particularly stand-offiish and no one knew why. Bill found out that she was mad because they were no longer giving her the red stuff (translation watermelon). The keepers thought that she didn’t like it because she wasn’t eating it. Apparently the elephant was hoarding it and saving it for later. The elephant brought Bill a mouthful of bamboo as a present and the director of the zoo invited Bill to come back the next day.

So, next time you are walking your dog, feeding your cat or otherwise engaged with an animal, take some time and listen. . . perhaps they will give you a clue what they are thinking!

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